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State of Wisconsin vs. Kurt M Hanson

Racine County Case Number 2014CF001506

On 12-14-2016, all remaining charges against Kurt Hanson were dismissed.

On 11-01-2014, At 3:09 pm, a militarized Racine Police force arrested Kurt Hanson and killed his dog named Angel.

Justice 4 Angel contends the Racine Police Department accosted and arrested the wrong person and wrongfully killed his dog:

Video evidence on this site supports the claim that Brian Polk entered Mr. Hanson's property with a gun at approximately 11:27 a.m. and caused the armed altercation.  Justice 4 Angel further asserts that the Racine Police Department acted wrongfully, punitively and maliciously by killing Kurt Hanson's dog when the dog posed no threat and the dog remained on Kurt Hanson's property when killed by the Racine Police Department.

The evidence presented in this forum are from investigative sources outside of law enforcement.  

The Racine Police Department was negligent of its duties to conduct a proper investigation of an armed altercation. RPD failed to acquire video evidence and take witness statements before acting against Mr. Hanson.  

The following is a timeline of events leading to the Racine Police executing Angel on Kurt Hanson's property.  This timeline was compiled using basic investigative techniques by RCC and private citizens.

You will view the following;

The Altercation
The Witness
The Reenactment
The Calm
The Escalation
The Front Window
The Escalation and Execution
The Trauma

The videos were taken from across the street on home surveillance cameras. The video cameras are not concealed and are easily viewed from the street.  Racine Police failed to recover video evidence and failed to interview an eye witness to the altercation before taking action against Kurt Hanson.

During the morning of 11-01-2014, Kurt Hanson and his dog Angel strolled the neighborhood for a walk.  During the walk, Angel defecated (pooped) between the sidewalk and street in front of the Brian Polk residence.
Kurt Hanson neglected to pick up the poop.

On or about 11:27 am, Brian Polk entered Kurt Hanson's property with a gun and began banging on Kurt Hanson's door for approximately a minute and a half. When Kurt Hanson answered the door, Brian Polk confronted Kurt Hanson at the front door.  

During the time Brian Polk was on Kurt Hanson's property, Brian Polk brandished a gun and threatened Kurt Hanson with that firearm. Kurt Hanson responded to Brian Polk's armed aggression with a machete. The armed jostling between Kurt Hanson and Brian Polk on Kurt Hanson's property are presented below for your viewing.  (The following videos will not open on iphones unless you have the google drive app.)
Video clip Channel 1    11:27 to 11:32

During the altercation, an eyewitness to the incident is seen on Channel 2.  This eye witness has yet to be interviewed by Racine Police.
The Witness
Video Clip channel 2     11:27 to 11:32

At approximately 12:02, video captures Kurt Hanson outside of his house reenacting the incident to Racine Police in the vicinity of where the altercation took place.

The Reenactment;
Video Clip Channel 1
12:00 to 12:04.30

The Calm;

The duration of time between 12:05 and 3:06  in video evidence shows a calm scene. During these 3 plus hours, the Racine Police Department was negligent not to seek out witnesses of the altercation, not to take statements from witnesses and not to look for surveillance cameras at nearby buildings. RPD was further negligent for not illuminating Mr Polk actions about allegations of Mr. Polk brandishing a gun on Mr. Hanson's yard during the altercation.
Video evidence supports the claim of a gun being brandished on Mr. Hanson's property during the altercation. Had RPD done a professional job, another person should have been arrested. 

The Calm;
Click Here
Video clip Channel 1
12:05 to 3:06    
(Very exciting 3 hours if you enjoy to watch nothing)

The Escalation and Execution; 

At approximately 3:06 pm a Racine Police Armored SWAT vehicle enters Kurt Hanson's property.
At approximately 3:08pm, An army of Racine Police armed with machine guns walk onto Kurt Hanson's property. 

The Front Window;
At approximately 3:09pm, Racine Police fire a noxious fume projectile thru the front living room window.

Picture of front window
The room fills with noxious fumes, Kurt Hanson's dog Angel runs out the front door onto the middle of the front yard to escape the noxious fumes. Racine Swat team members armed with machine guns shoot Kurt Hanson's dog in the middle of Mr. Hanson's yard, Angel flopped on the ground on her side for several seconds, not satisfied with wounding and incapacitating the dog, Racine Swat team members executed the dog with another two shots, then Racine Police SWAT team enters Kurt Hanson's home and take Kurt Hanson into custody.

The Escalation and Execution
Video Clip Channel 1 
3:06 pm to 3:12 pm.

Below is cell phone video of the execution by witnesses
The Trauma

Below is the report of Racine Police Officer Donna Hanke. 
This report was used as the basis of the complaint filed by the D'A.'s office.
After watching the video above, did you see Brian Polk pickup a tree branch to protect himself or brandish a gun on Kurt Hanson's property?

The complainant thereby informs the court that the basis for the above charge(s) is as follows:
Officer Hanke, of the City of Racine Police Department, reports that on November 1, 2014 at
approximately 11:29 a.m., she was dispatched to 1651 Russet Street, in the City and County of Racine, State of Wisconsin reference a man with a knife call.
11/03/2014 2
Upon arrival, officers spoke to the victim/complainant, Brian Polk. Polk stated his daughter was out
in the yard working when Kurt M Hanson (a neighbor who lives across the street) let his dog into the Polk's yard and it defecated in the yard. Polk stated his daughter told Hanson to pick it up. At which point Hanson kicked it into the street. Polk stated that his daughter told him about the incident and was concerned because Hanson was intoxicated. Polk stated he went over to Hanson's house at 4000 Victory Avenue, in the City and County of Racine, State of Wisconsin and knocked on the door. Hanson answered the door at which point Hanson pulled out a machete and threatened Polk with the machete telling him to get off of his property. Polk stated he backed up and picked up a tree branch to protect himself. Polk stated Hanson went out into the yard. Hanson initially dropped the machete. Polk continued backing up and Hanson picked up the machete and retreated back into the house. Polk then contacted the police. Officer Hanke reports that while on scene dispatch advised that Hanson was on the phone with 911 stating the "cops" better get off his property or he would kill them. Officer Hanke reports that she advised dispatch to tell Hanson to step outside so officers could speak to him. Hanson would not comply. Hanson contacted dispatch several times and made threats he would let his dogs outside to attack officers and kill officers with his high-powered rifles and his crossbow. Officer Hanke reports that she and Officer Nabors took immediate cover behind their vehicles. Officer Matsen arrived and officers took cover behind the wagon while Hanson continued with threats of harm. After a few moments, the front door opened and Hanson made his way outside with his dog. Hanson was staggering around the front yard and yelling. Hanson told officers that if the came onto his property again, he would shoot them. He continually repeated these words, loud enough for the neighbors to hear. Hanson then told officers he would order his dog to bite officers. Hanson then went staggering back into the house.
Officer Hanke reports that approximately half an hour or so went by and dispatch advised they had
Hanson back on the phone trying to get him to come outside. Sergeant Schneider advised that SWAT and CNT were contacted because of the deadly threats made against law enforcement. Officer Hanke reports she asked dispatch for Hanson's number and made contact with him directly. Officer Hanke reports she spoke to Hanson for over an hour and a half. Officer Hanke reports she made repeated attempts for Ha:o.son to come outside and he refused. Officer Hanke reports at one time Hanson agreed to speak to only her by the sidewalk, but then stated that if she moved any closer he had his crossbow "loaded" right for her chest. Hanson stated his arrow would penetrate her vest and kill her instantly when it went through her heart. Hanson stated before he did that, he would send his dog out and order his dog to bite her. He stated his dog would bite her over a hundred times. He further stated he had laser beams on one of the officer's head at that moment. He continued to make threats against Officer Hanke and other officers through the call. Officer Hanke stated that Hanson further stated that he told her that if she came to his sidewalk he wanted her to "suck his cock" like a girl last night did.
Officer Hanke reports that she again reinitiated contact with Hanson who admitted to having a
weapon when Polk carne to his and claimed that Polk pulled a weapon out of his waistband. Hanson made racially derogatory comments regarding Polk. Hanson admitted to drinking vodka and offered vodka to officers at this point. Officer Hanke reports that Hanson was fading in and out of conversation at which point he fell asleep and the line was disconnected. SWAT arrived and Hanson was taken into custody around 3 o'clock p.m.
Pursuant to a search warrant a machete was located inside of the home.

You may read more about this incident at 
We ask these questions;

Does it appear the Racine Police Department conducted a proper investigation before it engaged in a lethal militarized operation?

Why wasn't Brian Polk arrested for brandishing a weapon on Kurt Hanson's property?

Does the Racine Police Department have the legal authority to terminate your rights or destroy your property because your pet is a distraction? 

Comments are open so please share your thoughts.


  1. The facts are on the videos. It appears Brian Polk entered the property with a gun.
    An armed altercation occurred on Mr. Hanson's property.
    Racine Police respond to a complaint.
    Racine Police fail ascertain all the facts
    Racine Police fail to conduct a proper investigation.
    Racine Police fail to interview " The Witness"
    Racine Police fail to acquire video evidence
    Racine Police fail to exercise good judgement
    Racine Police fail to keep a clam scene and introduce Militarized Police
    Racine Police fail the public by creating a lethal scene
    Racine Police fail to tell the truth
    Racine Police fail to conduct a proper post event investigation
    FAIL FAIL FAIL You get the idea.
    Racine Police Chief Art Howell fails to conduct a proper investigation of this lethal incident as stated to the public Art Howell = LIAR !
    30 days later, the only eyewitness to the altercation has yet to be interviewed by the Racine Police FAIL AGAIN !
    Polk and Hanson had enough sense to not escalate to a lethal scene, but NOT the Militarized Police Force.....SCREW YOU ART HOWELL !

    1. The police report is a fabrication. Kurt was reenacting the scene for police and telling them what happened. It was The,obvious from the video that Polk pulled pulled a gun out from the,waistband of the back of his pants. Kurt was nit threatening officers when he was in his yard, and there us a, witness to testify to that.

  2. The RPD are BEASTS, beware of the bearers of false witness - Racine Police Dept.

  3. If you threaten to kill police officers, all bets are off.